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Repair and special welding services

  • > repair of parts and machine elements exposed to impact, abrasion, erosion, cavitation...
  • > repair of parts and elements for transmission of motion (gears, sprockets, axles, shafts...)
  • > repair of engine blocks, housings, supports, welding of church bells...
  • > interventional repair welding of various parts made of Al-alloys, Cu-alloys, gray cast iron, cast steel, low-alloyed steels, high-alloyed steels, stainless steels

Designing, testing, development and consulting

  • > production and design of technological welding procedures
  • > consulting services, professional seminars
  • > preparation of the welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • > supervision of welding works
  • > testing, calibration and repair of welding devices and equipment
  • > destructive tests of the mechanical properties of materials and welded joints
  • > chemical tests and analyzes of materials

E-mail: usluge@ezg.hr